1. Will my theme stop working if I cancel the membership?

- No. Use the theme for lifetime whether you keep or cancel the membership.

2. What are the benefits of keeping the membership/subscription?

- Membership gives you chance to download theme updates and new theme releases, plus support from us.

3. When you pay the $47 for the themes, is this a price you have to pay every year?

- Yes, but only if you wish too, its not compulsary. All you have todo is after purchase login into member area dashboard or your paypal account and cancel your subscription. And enjoy it for one year.

4. Buy One theme Only – I am interested in your themes. I like them. How about just buy one on them for once? I don’t need any membership or subscription.

- Membership/subscription is not compulsary. Just buy it and enjoy your membership for one year with all current and future themes.

After buying you have to just cancel your subscription by logging to member dashboard or your paypal so you don’t get charged repeat after 365 days/1 year.

5. What is the mode of payment?

- Payment is accepted through Paypal. Its fast, safe and secure.

6. How would I get the link to my theme files?

- Once, the payment is made, an automatic link is generated and emailed to you, instantly.

7. How do I get support, I have questions?

- Please, post you problems in our Forums.

8. What is the license for the themes?

- All our themes are released under the GPL(GNU general public license). You can use them for as many websites  as you like.

9. If I buy the “Pro,” and at the end of 365 days, no longer desire to keep the subscription, will the “unlimited sliders” also stop along with the subscription?

- No, you can use the theme for lifetime. Membership gives you chance to download theme updates and new theme releases.

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